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The Mākirikiri Marae Komiti is a Marae Committee as authorised under the Māori Community Development Act 1962 .

The Tahoraiti 2A14B block was vested in the Ruahine Tribal Committee by order of the Māori Land Court dated 20 March 1963 and subsequently a Certificate of Title was issued by the Land Transfer Office dated 22 July 1965.  The purpose of the creation of this title was one of the first steps in building a marae complex on this land by the Ruahine Tribal Committee.

The Ruahine Tribal Committee was formed under the Māori Community Development Act 1962.  The rules and regulations under which the Ruahine Tribal Committee operate are set out in this Act.  The New Zealand Māori Council may recognise Māori societies pursuant to section 15A of this Act. This is considered the mandate for the Ruahine Tribal Committee to operate.

Under the direction of the Ruahine Tribal Committee a new meeting house and a dining room was erected on the Tahoraiti 2A14B block and became known as Mākirikiri Marae.  The complex was opened 17 June 1967.  The newly formed Mākirikiri Marae Komiti is responsible for the day to day running of the marae.

The building of a new ablution block in 2014 included purchasing a narrow strip of land from our neighbour and whānaunga Mrs Ina Maniapoto.


The elected Mākirikiri Marae Komiti is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Mākirikiri Marae.  The AGM’s are usually held on the last Sunday of June each year.  Elections are held every three years, the next will be held at the 2024 AGM. The AGM details will be outlined on this website as well as public notification.

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23 Mākirikiri Road, Dannevirke 4930

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