Tahoraiti Urupa Update

Tahoraiti Urupā update 30 November 2021
Tēnā koutou,
The purchase of 2.3 hectares of land around the Tahoraiti Urupā has now been completed. The next stage will be to make application to the Māori Land Court to have the purchased land and the urupā amalgamated to form a single title and to have the whole block set apart as a Māori Reservation for the purpose of an urupā.
A new fence has been erected on the western boundary as per the agreement for sale and purchase. I’d like to acknowledge Max Charmley, a local farmer, who drove the posts in at no cost. Also Nopera Paewai, Manahi Paewai and Hawea Kingi who put the wires and battens in place.
Thanks to all those who have made a contribution towards the costs, it’s really appreciated. I still haven’t received enough to cover the costs of the purchase and various expenses so if you haven’t contributed it’s not too late. Please contact me.
Stephen Paewai
Tel 06 374 6618, email steveandmoira@xtra.co.nz